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De IDREO training programs

The IDREO training programs are designed to train divers who want to be involved in IDREO diving expeditions
- with or without Dive Propulsion Vehicles (DPV’s);
- with or without rebreathers.

This is possible because modern divers are more capable and today's diving equipment is better than decades ago. This makes it possible to safely push the boundaries of traditional "technical" diving training.

Our training programs enable participating expedition divers to explore great depths and distances during IDREO projects and also participate in research worldwide at various explorer levels.

Because achieving the IDREO Explorer level can be an intensive process for a diver, the IDREO training team has divided this learning path into several steps to help the basic diver achieve this goal.
These steps are 4 'explorer' sub-courses, namely:
• Dive Propulsion Vehicles (DPV) Diver;
• Deep Explorer;
• Rebreather Explorer;
• Cave Explorer.

In addition to these courses, at IDREO we also have courses for recreational divers who want to know more about technical diving and/or who also want to dive with mixed gases. Of course, there are also IDREO instructor courses for the diving professional who also wants to become an IDREO instructor.


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