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IDREO stands for International Diving Research and Exploration Organization and is a non-profit organization founded to share expedition, exploration and research information by the world's most active divers GLOBAL among which;

  • Cave divers;
  • Wreck divers;
  • Mine divers;
  • Expedition divers.

Explorations and investigations are important parts to understanding these environments. With continuous improvements and also new exploration techniques, IDREO is literally at the development platform of better trained divers, with that IDREO also wants to contribute to the development of better and safer expedition dive and training materials for the entire diving industry!

In the field of expedition diving, this is a continuous task, which currently limits and isolates many National projects. This slows down global growth and overall security, mostly by repeating many of the same mistakes.

IDREO's goal is to actively link information from national agencies and forward projects in a tightly knit international platform.

Ideally, IDREO will reduce risk and increase project efficiency by sharing information, safety parameters, advanced scuba/Rebreather diving procedures and strong knowledge.

IDREO organization is also in response to the increase in cave diving deaths since 2011, mostly involving inexperienced divers as part of exploration or research activities. In that same year IDREO was founded by Cave Explorer Nick Toussaint. 10 years later Nick Toussaint decided to transfer IDREO to Cave Explorer Remko van de Peppel. From that moment on, IDREO is governed by the Board of Advisors of the DIRDIVING4ALL foundation, founded in 2007


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